Willow Springs 01

Fall 1977

Featuring poetry and prose by Nance Van Winckel, James Bond, Carole Mills, James Rawley, and more.

    —    Issue 02 

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James Beetem Winnowing The Klickitat Barge
Once Again The Bronze Girl
George Venn Homily in Palouse
Dan Vaughn The Devil Came
The Pleasant But Curious Children
James Rawley Halloween Service
Sermon With Metaphors
John Ciardi Numbers
Glen Farmer The Principle Square Root of Two
John C. Naccarato Jerusalem
Rich Ives Old Cotter
Phyllis Janowitz Change of Address
Jonell Duquette Kelsey Putting By
Nance Van Winckel The Drought
James Masao Mitsui For the Ballerina in the Mojave Desert Who Has Painted Her Own Audience on a Canvas and Stretched It, Facing the Stage
Geoff Peterson Catolico
American Review
Anita Endrezze-Danielson November
Brian C. DeRoshia Leather Apron
George Thomas The Better View
Detail From a Combat Flight
Chris Jacox Fire in Early Morning
Anita Taylor Jackson Ash Can City
Colleen J. McElroy Out Here Even Crows Commit Suicide
Queen of the Ebony Isles
 Inge Williams Juvenile Detention
Randy Nord Slug Bait


Carole Mills Clouds and Cornpatch Monsters (George Garrett Prize Winner)
Richard Baldasty Hello Madness, Folie Adieu
George Garrett Picture a Horseman Riding North (Excerpted from work-in-progress, James and Elizabeth)
Randy Nord Slug Bait
James Bond Whisky Sunday Refusal