Willow Springs 02

Fall 1977

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Geoff Peterson Destroyer (a complete kit)
Jerry Kraft When You Return To The Beach
James J. McAuley The Exile on Natural History
Rodger Moody Backroads
Mildred Weston Landscape
A.V. Rafferty Harry Dead
R.A. Larson You Were Never Competent In Water
Lesson on the Wind
Dennis ‘Nfe Balogu Lagos
Thomas Versteeg The Lone Survivor of World War III Discovers a Surprise
R. Fredrik Nelson A.B.C.
Bruce Severy The Guy on the End is Jesse James
Rosenthal Glove Mold, 1920
Ron McFarland Trail of Tears
David Jauss The Poet’s Lament in Summer
Nelljean McConeghey The Poet to Ssu Ma Chien
“…all these are fully lawful dogs…”
Jack R. Harding “The Heart of Darkness”
Barbara Briant At the Sailboat
On the Way to a Third Wedding
Brian Seagrave Final Instructions to a Friend
Lee Alkire Diaspora


William Hudson Acknowledgments
Geoff Peterson Avalanche is Band
Randy Nord Matins Dishabille


Almut Nierentz-McAuley Hunting Fish with Cormorants in China
Ballad of the External Life
Francoise Kuester The Maxims of Poetry