Willow Springs 04

Spring 1979

Featuring poetry and prose by James J. McAuley, Dan Lytle, Carl Mayfield, Gayle Elen Harvey, and more, art from James Francis La Vigne and an interview with Ann Darr.

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Tim Calhoun A Band of Poets Desert from the Red Army, Forever
David Citino Already, Another Boy, Snow
Wesli Court The Curse of Death
Ann Darr The Birds for Lucie
Dear Maestro
Riding with the Fireworks
Gayle Elen Harvey Joan of Arc
A River is Breaking Up
Arthur Winfield Knight Vanessa’s Leaving
The Mother-in-Law
L. Leir I Know Because of Her the Moment
Carl Mayfield Hot Stuff
David R. Memmott At the Battery Russell After the Park is Closed
Judith Neeld Seacoast – Oil on Canvas
Churchyard at the Edge of the Moor
Carlos Reyes An Edited Version of the Film “All that Trembles is Not the Earth”
John Rothfork Shelter
Manifest Destiny in a Winnebago Motor Home
Charles Taylor The Man Who Gave Up His Greatness
Henry C. Timms Patroclus
The Vision of Aeneas
Robert F. Whisler Now the nuns are walking in their convent garden…


John Keeble from Yellow Fish Chapter 8
Dan Lytle The Other Side of the Buffalo
Christopher Meckel Ucht
Sam Hamill Clone Poetry (essay)
James J. McAuley Three Chapbooks (review)


James Francis La Vigne Gallery (photographs)


Will it Fly: A Conversation with Ann Darr