Willow Springs 05

Fall 1979

Featuring poetry and prose by Jorge Luis Borges, W.M. Ransom, Tobias Wolff, M.R. Doty, and more, and art from Lynn C. Jacox.

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Lee Basset Field
Jorge Luis Borges Ode Written In 1966
The Unending Gift
New England, 1967
Anne Cherner Gold Mining in Australia 1895
His Story
M.R. Doty In Clinton, Iowa
Sam Hamill Gnostology
Kenneth O. Hanson Autumn Flowers
In Exile
Walking Through Kyoto
Robert Hedin The Bombing of Dresden
Art Homer Following Morning from the Waterfront West
Marc Hudson Dewato
Sara Kirsch Before The Sun Rises
Day In Moscow
Georgia, Photographs
from IKE: a matter of geology
Michael Knoll The Last Supper
The Interrogations
To My Sister, From The 27th Floor
W.M. Ransom Under the Clouded Moon
Dreaming Us Lost in the Mountains
For My Daughter Who Wants to be an Astronaut
Tom Rea La Bouillotte
The Admiral’s Women
Young Women Picking Fruit
Luis Rosales That Which You Call “Love Me”


Michael Knoll Ménage
Tobias Wolff Poaching


Sam Hamill Clone Poetry (essay)
James J. McAuley Three Chapbooks (review)


Lynn C. Jacox Gallery (photographs)