Willow Springs 06

Spring 1980

Featuring poetry and prose by Madeline Defrees, Ken Gerner, Carol Ann Russell, Carolyn Kizer, and more, and art from Dana Wylder.

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Michael Bowden Winter Count
Olga Broumas For You
Swollen Places, Summer Scars
Fred Chappell Page
Regina deCormier-Shekerjian Shepherd on the Hill
Madeline Defrees For Paul Mariana Bringing Electric Broom and Garden Produce
Framing the Outdoors
Ken Gerner The Sound’s Edge
Wild Geese Flying on Their Backs
Sam Hamill A Cold Fire
Canto Amor
Paul Hansen Two Poems on Recent German History
Edward Harkness Some Weeds that Lead to a Place on the Naches Where I Aimlessly Flip Small Stones
Denise Levertov She and the Muse
Improbable Truth
Antonio Machado Deep Song
Richard Mac Lean Low Tide
Thomas McGrath Another Hitchhiker Says
Ghost Talk
At the Edge of the Glacier
Sammy McLean Staring into the Fireplace
Listening to Donald Byrd and Remembering Lines by John L’Heureux
Octavio Paz At sight of a bird
Words take the shape of a duststorm
The grove
Jean Peról Boeing
The Clasped Hand
Morning Mirror
CarolAnn Russell What I Said
Martin Schneider The Boy, the Butcher, and the Blind Perch
David Stark At Chitina, Alaska
Alan Stephens Anniversary: The White Boat
Cheryl Van Dyke Eucharist
Kathy Webb Winter Eve
Kathleene West The Sinking of Hood Canal Bridge, February 13, 1979
A New Decade: Watching the Digital Clock Advance towards Midnight
The Road to Erendira


Carolyn Kizer Kenneth Hanson and Han Yü (review)


Dana Wylder Gallery (Seven Paintings)