Willow Springs 07

Fall 1980

Featuring poetry and prose by Samuel Green, Matthew Hansen, Susanne Shaphren, Sam Hamill, and more, and an interview with Colleen McElroy.

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Dick Bakken Canticle for Her Bedroom
Two White Doves
Adam’s Poems
Jack Barrack The Daughters of Galileo and Milton
Mary Crow The Ringing in Our Ears
Philip Eaton Prayer
Faiz Ahmed Faiz Bangla Desh—I
Bangla Desh—II
Bangla Desh—III
Elegy for Hassan Nair
Samuel Green Mussel Eating: Third Beach
Grandmother, Milking
Finding The Hanged
Chinaman’s Grave, South Bend
Matthew Hansen Grandfathers
Poem for a Beautiful Woman
Search for a Safe Myth
Tina Koyama Senbei Rolling
Definitions of the Word Gout
Teething Pain
Colleen McElroy Caledonia
Believable Dreams
Mary Ann McFadden At the Aquarium
Giving Up Writing
Tim McNulty Typing a Poem for a Friend, I Stop and Listen to a Woodpecker Accompanying Me From a Snag Across the Creek
The River (I)
The River (II)
Mark Rubin It Has Come to This
On the First Day of Spring
Robin Skelton Kinship
Carol Sowards A Dry Day with Winds
The Mended Rainbow
Gail White St. Francis Xavier Attempts to Convert the Zen Buddhists


Susanne Shaphren Unburied
Sara Vogan China Across The Bay


Sam Hamill Three Chapbooks (Review)


Colleen McElroy: An Interview