Willow Springs 08

Spring 1981

Featuring poetry and prose by José Luis Hidalgo, Kenneth O. Hanson, Lynn C. Jacox, Hans Erich Nossach, and more.

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Cheryl Van Dyke Helen and Menelaus Return
Vertumnus and Pomona
Gil Estes Christmas Eve
Kenneth O. Hanson The Swallows of Mytilene
Second Big Hit
Walking Nude in Phaleron
José Luis Hidalgo You Must Go Down
The Mine
Sun of Death
Peter Huchel To the Deaf Ears of the Generations
Behind the White Net of Midday
San Michele
Lynn C. Jacox Oracle
Six Poetry Anthologies in the High School Library
The Green Place
First Run
Paltiel Sings in the Field
Night Walk at Thirty
Walking a Father’s Grave
The Name of This Day
Eric Johnson The Wanderer (lines 73-87)
Thelma Nava The Heart of Afternoon
Red Pine Cold Mountain Poems
Yannis Ritsos Wax Images
William Stafford Hi-Fi
For English 210 at Cheney
Willow Campaign
Peter Stambler Barn Raising
Losing Her First Child
Gerry Tiffany Morning Prayer
Four Letters to Harry: The Name of the Star


Hans Erich Nossach A Big Help


Tom Jay Words Bear Nature’s Wisdom
David Lee A Reading of “Triada”