Willow Springs 09

Fall 1981

Featuring poetry and prose by Naomi Clark, Jim Heynen, Bill Ransom, Mark Halperin, and more.

Issue 08    —    Issue 10 

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Lee Bassett When St. Cecelia Gets Hot
Naomi Clark Table
Natalie de Combray Drake’s Monologue at Cape Horn
Robert Dana North of Steptoe Butte
Camping at Crazy Woman Creek
Beadwork: Mille Lacs
Roger Finch On Stars: The Sempiternal Consciousness
Mark Halperin Astonishing Tasks
When There Is No Need
In The Fall Wind
Her Changing
Alan Hoey Star Gazing: Letter to a New Hampshire
David Lee The Real Estate
Emily Warn Northern Lights
The Compass Flower
Leaf Paths


Jack Cady Singleton: Chapter 20
Jim Heynen The Ungrowing
In Which the Librarian Writes a Letter to the Editor
Uncle Jack’s Riddle
Bill Ransom Aftermath (excerpts)
Marilyn Stablein Dhobi at the Laundromat
Dhobi’s Inheritance
A Severe Drought
A Cross-Cultural Survey
Prison Reformed
What is Compassion to a Fish