Willow Springs 13

Fall 1983

Featuring poetry and prose by Giovanni Raboni, Jorge Carrera Andrade, James Bond, Wayne Dodd, and more, and a one act play by Niall Quinn.

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Jorge Carrera Andrade Transformations
Odd Days
The Infinite Trip
Three Strophes of Dust
David Citino Sister Mary Apassionata Lecture the Zoology Class: Doctrines of The Beast
Robert Cooperman Gregorian Chants
Wayne Dodd Down the Many Steps of Light
Imaginative Study: At the Hocking Canal Lock
Anita Endrezze-Danielson Summer Storm
On A Lake
Denise Levertov from Of Rivers
Octavio Paz Four Black Poplars
Giovanni Raboni Moon
Lex Runciman Vacation
Philippe Soupault New Year
Blood of the Sky
It’s For You
As Far As
M. Fay Wright Like Salt, We Are Holy


James Bond Fools Fall
Patrick Henry The Spanking of Jean-Paul Sartre


Michael Gurian from Literature and the Threshing Floor (excerpt)
Brian Harris The Implications of Reduction In Robert Bly’s Eight Stages of Translation


Niall Quinn Rejection (one-act play)