Willow Springs 14

Spring 1984

Featuring poetry and prose by Hayden Carruth, Sam Green, Judge M. Schonfeld, Carolyn Kizer, Keith Aubrey and more.

Issue 13    —    Issue 15 

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Keith Aubrey Water Passages
Stephen C. Behrendt Early June Woods
Hayden Carruth “So, Dolling, You Love the Bright Month of October. O Yi! By Me You Can Have It,” She Said
Roger Finch To a Lover of Shadows
Galen Garwood from Passport (paintings and poems)
Greg Glazner After Sunset
Sam Green Mallards, Morning
Covenant: Saying Hello to the Land We Will Live With
My Father Sang to Himself
Sam Hamill from Passport (paintings and poems)
Horace Ode to Sestius, Former Consul
To Pyrrha, Temptress
Gayle Rogers Kaune Returning to Richland
Carolyn Kizer For Jan as the End Draws Near
James J. McAuley Walk-In-The-Wild Zoo
The House is Ready
William O’Daly Port Townsend: The Unwritten Letter
Oregon Coast: The Fire
N.M. Rashid Expression and Reach
Shelby Stephenson Brimming with Pitfalls
Gerry Tiffany Journey to Damascus
Emily Warn The New Deal
Esther’s Boutique
Al Young Available Light
The Slots
Whatever Becomes of the Living?


Judge M. Schonfeld from AS: A Crude Translation(excerpt)


Keith Aubrey The Dreampriest
Gregory McNamee When We With Sappho


Garwood/Hamill from Passport (paintings and poems)