Willow Springs 16

Summer 1985

Featuring poetry and prose by Sam Hamill, John Keeble, Karen Chase, Agha Shahid Ali, and more, and photography from Robert Albert.

Issue 15    —    Issue 17 

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Agha Shahid Ali Homage to Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Karen Chase Aspects of Luck
Tu Fu Late Thoughts I
Late Thoughts II
Lament for Ch’ien T’ao
An Ancient Battlefield
The Journey North
Florence Greathouse Touring
Sam Hamill Cloistered
‘True Illumination is Habitude’
At Rexroth’s Grave
Christian Knoeller The Morning Fire
Louise Labe Sonnet 3
Sonnet 8
Sonnet 9
Sonnet 10
Sonnet 12
Robert Lietz Turncoat
Stage Fright
Kerry Paul May The Descent
Walter McDonald Driving Alone at Night Through Hardscrabble
On the Gunnison
First Freeze
Doren Robbins On Crete
Homage to Yuang-Hung-Tao
Act Like a Monkey, Make an Ass Out of Yourself
Aden Ross Daywatch


J. Anthony Connor Raven
Jacob’s Ladder
Ursula Hegi To the Gate
John Keeble The Ghost Versions (excerpt)
Vincent Passaro Neruda and the Mets


Brian Harris Language and the Mirror in King Lear


Robert Albert In Rehearsal