Willow Springs 17

Winter 1986

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Robert Gibb, David Lee, Don Welch, David Sims, and more.

Issue 16    —    Issue 18 

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Leon Chidester Most Things Break
And You’ll Break Your Mother’s Back
Robert Cooperman From the Ballad of “The Twa Corbies”
Sir Patrick Spens
The Witches of Salem
Brewster Ghiselin Leone Traverso (Italian)
Leone Traverso (English)
Llewelyn Powys
A Celebration
Robert Gibb Among the Successions
Listening to the Ballgame
Bogomil Gjuzel When I Came Back
On the Way Back
Florence Greathouse Forgetting
Pamela Gross The Cache
Allen Hoey Hymns to a Tree
Sibyl James A Well in Chad
Richard Jones The Idle Fleet, James River, Virginia
The Wounded One
Konstantinos Lardas Gloria
David Lee Alpine Pond, Cedar Breaks
South Gorge, Moab
Kaiparowits Plateau
Shannon Nelson The Carbon River
Tom Rea The King Dreams Queen Q
The X Cross
Y of the Uplifted Arms
Maurya Simon Sunday
First Light
Self Portrait
Lisa Steinman The Translation of Natural Languages
An Anatomy of Dreams
Reading for the Governor in the Ceremonial Office
Don Welch Borges
Three Small Letters to the Coast
Carolyne Wright Eulene Stays the Course
Eulene Enters the Me Generation
Return to Sender?


Gregory McNamee Renardin
David Sims Stickman
Susan Wheeler Grieving