Willow Springs 18

Summer 1986

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by David Axelrod, Nance Van Winckel, Han-ping Chin, Jaan Kaplinski, and more.

Issue 17    —    Issue 19 

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David Axelrod Regarding a Nude on Diamond Mountain
Philip Eaton Winter Day
This Dead of Winter
After a Thousand Children
Patricia Goedicke Last Mornings
Michael Hannon Clouds & Rivers
Jaan Kaplinski Once I got a postcard
I could have said:
It gets cold in the evening
Elder-trees that thrushes have sown
Walter McDonald Midnight Near Pecos
The Fears of Horses
Living On Open Plains
Lisel Mueller The Exhibit
Pablo Neruda The Stones of Chile – Excerpts
(translated by Dennis Maloney)
Steven E. Puglisi Words for Benjamin
Marnie Purple On the Flood Plain
if the sun were not your mistress
Carlos Reyes Islands
Field Burning
Nance Van Winckel In the Fifth Season
Steven White Stumbling Home Past Curfew in Santiago Chile


Virginia Busskohl A Candle for Michael
Han-ping Chin No Place for Junets
Anita Endrezze-Danielson Fox-Woman Goes Man-Hunting
Gary Eberle Origami or the Sadness of Paper Birds
Vincent Passaro Silent Work