Willow Springs 19

Winter 1987

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by James Doyle, Robert Ward, James A. Popchock, W.S, Merwin, and more.

Issue 18    —    Issue 20 

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James Doyle The Mute Swan
The Saviour
Roberto Juarroz Vertical Poetry – Excerpts
(Translated by W.S. Merwin)
James J. McAuley The Explorer
Coming and Going
Jorge Teillier To Talk With The Dead
Story of the Afternoon
John Unterecker Ruined Bridge Seen from a Plane – theme and six variations
Robert Ward Black Lucy
Carolyn Wright Eulene’s Noche Oscura
Eulene’s Broken Lifeline
Woman, Money, Watch, Gun
An Ordinary Evening In New Orleans – Eulene’s Significant Other Speaks
Spectre and Emanation at JFK


James A. Popchock The Explosion
The Medicine Show
George Venn The First Day of Summer
Lesa Luders Lady God


Hector Zeta The Imaginary Life