Willow Springs 25

Winter 1990

Featuring poetry and prose by Russell Edson, Jack Myers, Jeff Stockwell, Nance Van Winckel, Deirdra McAfee and more, and featuring art from Ruben Trejo.

Issue 24    —    Issue 26 

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Margaret Aho Seeing Eye to Eye With My Father
Handless Maiden and Child
Dick Bakken The Hugh High Engines Unheard
Michael Burkard House by the Sea
A Kind of Ink against the Twilight
E.G. Burrows Oresteia
Patricia Covey Ghost Story
Barbara Culley Once You’ve Collected Your Selves Like Books About You
Hatfield Apts.
Russell Edson The Enchantment
The House Frog
The While Awaying
Roger Finch One Sunday in Velvet
Aaron Fischer Hansel in Recovery
Cecilia Hagen Maneuvers
The Way Out of the Fly Bottle
Jacqueline Hartwich The Song of a Bird on a Gravel Shore
Nancy Johnson To a White Crow
Martha McFerren Story Lady
Jack Myers Attack of the Killer Power Tools
Amy Pence The Bowl
One Shallow in the Body
Judith Roche Alternate Insomnia
Jeff Schiff The Move
Jeff Stockwell The Blackout
David Swerdlow Breathing
Nance Van Winckel Nothing To Do In Town


Deirdra McAfee At The Time of Exposure


Donald Revell “Absences”: The Oz and Sheol of James Tate


Ruben Trejo Portfolio