Willow Springs 26

Summer 1990

Featuring poetry and prose by Jeanne Clark, Patricia Goedicke, Donald Revell, W. Scott Olsen, and more, and an interview with Madeline DeFrees.

Issue 25    —    Issue 27 

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Marck L. Beggs-Uema Grave
Daniel Bourne While the Ground is Still Warm
Jeanne Clark A Day for Fishing
The House Next Door
Silvia Curbelo Some Nights You Crank Up the Car Radio and Just Drive.
Jim Daniels Rip
Alice Derry Daughter, My Daughter
Karen Donovan Chemo
Patricia Goedicke Dandelion
Joseph Green Surviving Like Dummies
James Hietter Silence=Death
Christopher Howell Poem Based on a Chinese Character Meaning “A Fire to Notify Heaven”
Donald Junkins Feverfew, Book-Moth, and Wyrd
Walter McDonald West Fork of the San Juan
Donald Revell Mayakovsky Welcomed to America, 1925
Carlos Reyes Poem for Sarah Merulief P.O. Box 978 St. George Island Alaska 99660
David Rigsbee Mozart
Judith Skillman The Flaws of the World
Charlie Smith Redneck Riviera
The Nightmare
Jules Supervielle Untitled
The House Surrounded
translated by Geoffrey Gardner
Arthur Vogelsang Drifters
Mildred Weston Iris
Begging Your Pardon
Peter Wild Real Success


B.D. Love Shoes for the Dead
W. Scott Olsen Firewood


Dorothy Barresi The Best Accidents of Voice and Grace: A Review of Revell, Upton, Ramke, and Broumas
Carrie Bucher The Family Constellation: A Review of Andrea Barrett’s Lucid Stars
Sascha Feinstein Urgency and Restraint: The Jazz Poems of William Matthews
Lee Upton The Muse of Grief: Reviews of Alan Williamson, Kate Daniels, and Franz Wright




With Madeline DeFrees, by Hans Ostrom