Willow Springs 29

Winter 1992

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Charles Bukowski, Christopher Howell, Michael Cadnum, Chris Anderson, and more, as well as featuring art from Victoria Adams.

Issue 28    —    Issue 30 

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Paula Closson Buck The Man at Pensione Marta Looks at His Eye
From a Porthole
Charles Bukowski ah
Curtis Derrick How the Garden Roots Inside Us
Lynn Domina Eulogy for a Suicide
Patricia Goedicke Where There’s a Roadblock
Lucinda Grey Sábado de Gloria
Christopher Howell The Bride of Long Division
The Hermit’s Childhood
Rinehardt Z. Linmark Day I: A Portrait of the Poet, Small-kid Time
David Rigsbee Almost You
Paulette Roeske The Ecstasy of St. Teresa
Tomaž Šalamun White Ithaca
Clumsy Guys
translated by Sonja Kravanja
Martin Scott The Mechanical Billboard
Peggy Shumaker Milagros
Jason Strange Voice Lessons
Sally Thomas Child in Trunk


A. Manette Ansay Memory
Patricia Brubaker Whiskey
Michael Cadnum Killing Jar
Barbara Chepaitis Correspondence with the Living and the Dead


Chris Anderson On Screens
Philip Garrison Waiting for the Earth to Turn Over


Victoria Adams