Willow Springs 30

Summer 1992

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Mary Karr, Allan Peterson, Alison Baker, Nick Spruance, and more, and featuring art from Deborah Deichler.

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Liz Brixius The Floating World
Romeo, Romeo
Michael Dennis Browne Basswood Leaf Falling
Michael Cadnum The First Man to Live a Thousand Years
George Eklund Market Street
Morgan’s Pockets
Aaron Fischer Dead Weight
Michael Heffernan Cafe Paradiso
A Temptation in the Wilderness
Mary Karr Getting Ready for the Garbage Man
Donna Giovanni’s Failure
Edward Kleinschmidt Still Life
Joanne Lowery Poems Where the Deer Sleep
Paul Nelson Returning the Box
Allan Peterson Dangerous Help
Trouble with Illusion: The Great Zelmo in the E.R.
Su Dong-Po Ding Feng Bo (Calming the Wind and Waves)
Qian Diao (The Front Tune)
translated by Yun Wang
Mary Swander Early Frost


Alison Baker Field Notes
Philip Brooks Vigilance!
Kathryn Hunt Bone River
Alberto Rios Champagne Regions
Nick Spruance The Last Couple on the Dance Floor


Deborah Deichler Paints and Pastels