Willow Springs 32

Summer 1993

Featuring poetry and prose by Patricia Goedicke, Robin Hemley, Kathleen Dean Moore, John Donoghue, and more, and featuring art from Judith Schaechter.

Issue 31    —    Issue 33 

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Rick Alley Exemplary Life Above Ground
Jan Bailey Custody
Christianne Balk You Say You Love How Unexpected, Open Fields
D.S. Butterworth In This Room
John Donoghue Eel
Patricia Goedicke The Adventure
Wild Card
Mark Halperin Calendar Thunderhead
Elizabeth Kirschner The Call
Virgil Mazilescu opinions about guillaume
the end of the history lesson
translated by Thomas C. Carlson and Dumitru Radu Popa
Hermine Meinhard Guatemala
David Rigsbee Only Heaven
Judith Skillman In a Mild Autumn
Bruce Weigl Meditation on Melville Ave.


Roger Hart Deep Down
Robin Hemley The Big Ear


Judith Schaechter Stained Glass


Kathleen Dean Moore The Rogue River (Winter)