Willow Springs 33

Winter 1993

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Albert Goldbarth, Sándor Kányádi, Jan Stucki, Khaled Mattawa, and more, and featuring art from Lynn Brofsky.

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Astrid Hjertenæs Andersen Winter sine Anno
translated by Aina Gerner-Mathisen and Suzanne Bachner
Albert Goldbarth The Glimpse of Flabbergassment
The Professor of Strangeness Out for a Walk
Sándor Kányádi Mane and Skull
Bell Inscription
translated by Bruce Berlind with Mária Korösy
Peter Marcus Not Knowing What Will Heal Him
El Mundo del Teror
El Mundo del Oro
Khaled Mattawa Careine Sloth Song
For Etel Adnan
Wesley McNair Young Man Going Uphill with a Bird
Suzanne Paola Glass
Li Po Calling on a Taoist Priest in Tai-T’ien Mountain but Failing to See Him
translated by Katie Price
David Romtvedt Spring Cleaning
Daniel James Sundahl Summer Work, 1968
Alison Swan If I Could Keep, I Would, He Says


Michael Fontana The Dead of Winter
Jan Stucki Pleats


Lynn Brofsky Black and White Oil Paintings

AWP Award-Winners

Susan E. Dunn My Mother’s Story
Hillary Selden Illick Out of Body
John Latta A Summer Night with Thunder
Jeff Newell The End of an Era
Becky Rodia Cole Slaw
Linda Taggart Sestina in Photographs
Laura E. Wexler Freeing Mumia to Free Themselves: One Group’s Struggle for a Pennsylvania Death Row Prisoner