Willow Springs 34

Summer 1994

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Nelson Holland, Caroline Finkelstein, Charles Rose, Elizabeth Oakes, and more, and art from Susan Bannerstrom.

Issue 33    —    Issue 35 

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Rick Alley Cleaning
With Gratitude, In-Depth & Sweet
A. Manette Ansay Ponies
Shannon Borg One Version of a Summer Night
Michael Cadnum Anatomy of an Eye
Nicole Cooley Alice in Paradise
Good Friday
Caroline Finkelstein 1950
The Rescue
James Grabill Suddenly Tonight I am Listening
Alvin Greenberg Pleurisy
Nelson Holland Mind’s Eye
Night and Day
Slight of Hands
Laura Kasischke 45
Black Bear Paw $20
Russell Kesler On the Bus
William Kloefkorn Thinking More, Talking Less
Ruth Ellen Kocher Sestina Mouths the Object, the Word
Lance Olsen Stories
Jay Schneiders Bay of Pigs
William Viant No Evil


Jane Martin Belmar
Charles Rose Complicity


Elizabeth Oakes In Anticipation of Accompaniment: The Solo Voice in the Wide World


Susan Bannerstrom Oil Paintings


Francis Jammes Wedding Day
translated by Tom Hibbard
Pierre Reverdy Clandestine Passage
translated by Tom Hibbard
Guillaume Appollinaire The Wind by Night
and Marie
translated by Donald Revell