Willow Springs 35

January 1995

Featuring poetry and prose by Albert Goldbarth, Christopher Howell, Chase Twichell, Alison Baker, and more, and art from Yuiji Hiratsuka.

Issue 34    —    Issue 36 

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Vicki Graham Tracks
Gary Fincke The Rain After Sunshine
D. Nurkse Fever in a Rented Room
Neptune Avenue
Returning to the Capital
Rich Ives Sofia Kovalevskaya at Palobino, 1857
Christopher Howell The Getaway
Dennis Held In Praise of Abandon
John Poch Disturbance
Kelleen Zubick Late
Phillip Mahaffey The Leg
Albert Goldbarth Preparation
The Neighborhood, 1956
Steven Cope In Killdeer’s Field
Talvikki Ansel You Don’t Know What Happened When You Froze
Robert Stothart Day’s Last Work
Chase Twichell Little Snowscape
White Conclusion
D.J. Smith Man with Woman in Red
Jeffrey McDaniel Dead Twin
Hugh Steinburg Four Erotic Poems
Timothy Liu North Truro
A Farther View


Alison Baker My Mother Was a Cabaret Singer


Lee Upton The Grave Ariel of North American Poetry


Yuiji Hiratsuka Eight Prints

AWP Intro Award-Winners

Bret Keeling Jessie–Part II
One Night Stand
Sjohnna McCray How to Move
Virginia Parrish Cousins
Katherine Cottle Cole Slaw
Jack Brannon At the Vietnam Memorial, Washington, November 11
Andres Montoya Again Tonight: Aztlandian Dream
Joseph Smalley Buildings
Dimitri Anastasopoulos Yesterday’s Bread for Spiro