Willow Springs 36

June 1995

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Jay Ladin, Mark Irwin, Brad Barkley, Jack Myers, and more. The issue also includes Mary Ann Samyn’s “Omitting the Heart,” winner of the 1995 Vachel Lindsay Poetry Award, Robert Harry Bennett’s “Outside Sylvie City,” winner of the 1995 Willow Springs Fiction Award.

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Jay Ladin Arkansas
Mark Irwin The Window
James Williams Sleep
Suzanne Paola Driftwood Beach: Theme & Variations
Anthony Sobin Another Birthday: Sending the Angel Ahead
Tony Hofer Grandfather Escapes Into a Sparrow
Theodora Todd We are on the Ferry Again
Reginald Shepherd Vampires
Jack Myers self to Self
Keepers of the Past
John Whalen Radio
Joel Brouwer May Day, 1921, In the Town of Vitebsk
Jay Meek Jars
Sheila Nickerson Evensong

Vachel Lindsay Poetry Award

Mary Ann Samyn Omitting the Heart


Tod Marshall Our Daily Bread: Some Thoughts on Simone Weil

Poetry in Translation

Grzegroz Musial Untitled
All Souls’ Day on the Bay
Death in Berlin
Charlottenburg–the Park Scenes
translated by Lia Purpura
Lia Purpura Where Language Lives: Notes on Translation (Essay)
Blaga Dimitrova Who Takes Care of the Blind Stork?
Lullaby For My Mother
translated by John Balaban and Elena Hristova
Sergey Gandlevsky Untitled
translated by Philip Metres
Vincius De Moraes Dead Can Sonnet
translated by Thomas Dorsett and Moyses Purisch
Ingeborg Bachmann Paris
translated by Thomas Dorsett
Translations by Sam Hamill Five Haiku from the Japanese
Su Dong-Po He Xin Lang (To the Bridegroom)
translated by Yun Wang
Pablo Neruda Hymn and Return
translated by Nancy Ancrom
Han Shan Judging a Scroll by its Ribbons
translated by Peter Stambler
Yannis Ritsos Selections from Ticks of the Clock
translated by Martin McKinsey
Sa’adi Youssef On the Red Sea
translated by Khaled Mattawa
Hasim Shafiq The First House
translated by Khaled Mattawa
Jules Supervielle Untitled
translated by Geoffrey Gardner
Philippe Soupault Little Daily Phantoms
Translated by Tom Hibbard
Oscar Vladislas de Lubicz Milosz Autumn Song
The Bridge
translated by Tod Marshall
Lucretius from De Rerum Natura, Book II
Translated by Jonathan Spiegel and Jean Berrett


Brad Barkley Clown Alley

Willow Springs Fiction Award

Robert Harry Bennett Outside Sylvie City