Willow Springs 37

January 1996

Featuring poetry and prose by Kim Addonizio, Chris Forhan, James Grabill, Leslie Pietrzyk, and more, and a review by Joshua McKinney.

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Claudia Keelan Chaff
Kim Addonizio Near Heron Lake
At Moss Beach
Colleen Morton Blackbird
Nikki Herbst Binoculars on a Tattooed Lady
Philip St. Clair Into the Cave
Naomi Shihab Nye Cape Cod
David Axelrod Crossing the Mountains at the New Year
Marina Pilar Gipps Drive
David Romtvedt Planting
Ed Haworth-Hoeppner Bonneville Dam
John Palmer Goal
Jacqueline Berger In the Frame of the Hillside
Michael Van Walleghen Two Seizures
Peter Cooley For Arthur Dimsdale
Jan Strever One Foot Planted While the Other One Roams
Jack Barrack Digging
Timothy Liu Across the River
Brad Richard Clown
Queer Studies
Susan Eisenberg Depression
Taylor Graham J.J.’s Truck Stop
Chris Forhan Without Presumptions
An Honest Forest
Pine, Pine, Pine
Khaled Mattawa I Was Buried In Janzoor
Michelle Byrne Silence
James Finnegan A Loon Diving
Ron Jouchin I Sit at Home Naked
Sally Thomas Love poem, West Memphis
The Last Day
Elizabeth Kirschner Lullaby
Megan Sexton Lastochki
Georgia Tiffany Playing School
James Grabill The Unanswering Will Go Unanswering


Leslie Pietrzyk My Grandmother’s Rosary


Joshua McKinney Unprepared in Earnest: on Keelan, Shapiro, and Gander

AWP Intro Award-Winners

Debra Deakin Screech Owl in Symphony
Vernon Fowlkes, Jr. Small Absence
Christian Rosenstock Taking the Life Out
Jesse Millner Hymns
Amy Hickman Cyprus: A Fragment
Erik Simon Waiting for the Deacon
Kathleen Heideman Van Gogh’s Priest