Willow Springs 39

January 1997

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Robert Gregory, Peter Sears, James Grabill, Tom Crawford, Robert Abel, and more.

Issue 38    —    Issue 40 

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Robert Gregory Miss Annie Oakley Inside a Cloud of Butterflies
Two Sisters Who Had Wandered
Bluish City
Denise Duhamel Tulip
Michael Strelow A Plague of Frogs
The Fisherman’s Wife
Frances Richey Wake
Lex Runciman Thin Air
Like Men
Barbara Drake Small Favors
Carlos Reyes Heavier Than Air
C. G. Hanzlicek Feeding Frenzies
Bad Habit
Rob Carney If I Hadn’t Drowned
Laura Kasischke Dear Earth
Peter Sears I Might Break, I Might Disappear
Birds that Beat the Sky to Bits
Lois Rosen How to Play Wedding
Jeff Mock Lazarus’s Bed
D. Nurkse Love Affair in the First Weeks of War
James Grabill Staying Alive
Working With Desire
As It Rains
Robert McNamara Poems from The Injured Coast
Ralph Wilson Giving Blood
Tom Crawford Patriots
Yu Hyeung Ri
Ginkgo Tree
Linda H. Elegant Jackson Hole, 1946
Robert Gibb Reclining Nude
Holly Fleming Let Him Tell the Good Fishing Story


Robert Abel A Song of Heartbreak and Longing
Dev Hathaway Taxidermy
H. E. Francis Talking to Spiders

Poetry in Translation

Alexander Klein Search in Alexandrovsky Prison
Cell No. 18
translated by Lee Sharkey
Saint-Denys Garneau Portait
translated by Steven Reese
Katarzyna Borun-Jagodzinska An Escape
A Cat
translated by Kathleen Snodgrass with Justyna Kostkowska