Willow Springs 40

June 1997

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Chase Twichell, Ron McFarland, Michael Heffernan, Peter Sears, and more. The issue also includes B. T. Shaw’s “No. 2 Venus,” winner of the 1997 Willow Springs Poetry Prize and Dorian Gossy’s “Florida Postcards,” winner of the 1997 Willow Springs Fiction Prize.

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Timothy Kelly At Pacific Rim
Two on a Shaman’s Rattle, Tlingit, UBC Museum of Man
Andrea Werblin Saints in the Hedges
Elisabeth Murawski She Looks Everywhere
The Audience
Peter Sears Men and Fat
Shoveling Snow While It Is Still Snowing
We Talk About You, Death
Jack Martin Pinochle
Amy Newman Sophistry of the Quince Fruit
James Haug The Peace
Susanne Kort As I Recollect the July You
John Grey Martha’s Story
Tony Gardner Restorative Art
Michael Heffernan The Heart
Fallen Jerusalem
Catch Me
Rex West How Cubism Met the Modern World
Cindy Bosley Patience of God
Mark Bibbins Coelacanth
Stephen R. Roberts On Swimming Pool Maintenance
Linda Lee Harper Small Factory
Thomas Reiter The Delivery
S. Ramnath Excellent Leisure
Ron McFarland Sixteen
On the Way to Pierce
William Tremblay Juniper
The Sagebrush Hours
Chase Twichell Minor Problems
Stephen Ajay The Memory of Spring in Bali
The Morning Green with Birds
Len Roberts Double Yolk
April Storm, Olmstead Street Garden
Jessica Henricksen Virginia in the River
Elizabeth McLagan The House Let Go To Sky

Willow Springs Poetry Award

B. T. Shaw No. 2 Venus


John Works 3800 Monterrey
Alan Vanneman Living in the Year of Our Lord 1959, AD

Willow Springs Fiction Award

Dorian Gossy Florida Postcards

Poetry in Translation

P. Kobylarz the ocularist
translated by Monique Manopoulos

AWP Intro Award-Winners

Brenda Miller Needlepoint
Catherine Meng Cranes
Jennifer Willoughby Pretty
Lisa Bestein The Death of Sade
Debra Laser The Blue Bowl
Ander Monson Siding
Neil Thornton On the Wrong End of a Cow with a Shovel in My Hand