Willow Springs 43

January 1999

Featuring poetry and prose by Robert Gregory, Peter Pereira, Carolyn Koo, Wendy Counsil, and more, and reviews from Lex Runciman and Carol Sklenicka.

Issue 42    —    Issue 44 

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Carolyn Koo Rough Breathing Grave, Smooth Breathing Grave
Sight Reading
Vern Rutsala What We Owe
DC Berry Tug of War With a Fence
Donald Junkins Finding Melville’s Grave
Robert Gregory Interstate
This is How
John Kulm Farm Town
Peter Pereira Crossing the Pear
Molly Tenenbaum Honor Thy Livelong Toaster
Bill Tremblay Auto-Surgery
Cindy Bosley The Baby
The Preacher’s Daughter Lives Next Door
George Harvilla Mapping Mars (Pathfinder’s Response)
Alice Derry For Morris Graves from a Novitiate
Bill Yake Saying Grace
Alan May Jimmy
Louis Jenkins Wind in the Trees
Fire Danger


Pete Fromm Cranes
Karenmary Penn The Ninth Race
Wendy Counsil Night Juggling


Lex Runciman Just Above Water by Louis Jenkins
Carol Sklenicka The Wars We Took to Vietnam by Milton J. Bates

AWP Intro Award Winners

Elizabeth Porto Airports
Damion Michael Higbie The Killings
Lisa Napoli The Bathing Ceremony
Lisa May Giles Jewel Island
Erin M. Boutin Finding Jin-Jin