Willow Springs 44

June 1999

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Patricia Goedicke, Robert Gregory, Jeanne Lutz, and more. The issue also includes Ellen Andolsek’s “p.m.,” winner of the 1999 Vachel Lindsay Poetry Award, E.W. Beals’s “Picking,” winner of the 1999 George Garrett Fiction Award and a review by Matthew Spaur.

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Jennifer Oakes The Allocations of Sound
The Listener
Tom Crawford Trees
Patricia Goedicke Lion
Soul of the Instrument
Alma de Casa
Robert Hackett In a Wenatcheee Way
Paisley Rekdal Night Sweeper
Michael Cadnum Winter in an Adopted City
James Grabill Birth Ocean
What Shared Roads Glow With Private Afternoon Light?
Melissa A. Huseman Sweet Maniacal Orchids
William Ryan A Word for Word
Laurie Lamon Pain Thinks of Helen
J.P. White Cold Beer
Dennis Saleh Endymion
A. Robbins 22 January
Tom Wayman For Bill Sutherland
Fear Eclipsed by Distance
Dennis Held Inventory
Willard Greenwood The Grandiose Manner of Electricians
Mark Sullivan Slag
Robert Gregory Why It Gets Dark
In the Century of Belly
Joseph Millar Spanish Blues
Martha Zweig Facetious
Rich Ives The Moment of Impact
The Other Woman
Tomas O’Leary Hands Without Pockets
The Cosmic Pundits Praise You Utterly


Jeanne Lutz Have This Wish
Russ Franklin Gunchers
Stephen Sund Roomates

Vachel Lindsay Poetry Award

Ellen Andolsek p.m.

George Garrett Fiction Award

E.W. Beals Picking


Gil Jouanard Center of Gravity
  (trans. Carlos Reyes) Appearing Suddenly Out of Nowhere
José Kozer Kafka
  (trans. Orlando Ricardo Menes) I’ve Come to Call Thirteen Men
Edvard Kocbek Sentence
  (trans. Sonja Kravanja)


Matthew Spaur More Vodou, Please