Willow Springs 46

June 2000

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Mary Quade, D. Nurske, Jonathan Johnson, Richard Spillman, and more. The issue also includes Linda Malnack’s “Dog Days, Autumn Scorn,” winner of the 2000 Willow Springs Poetry Award, Chris Alan Miller’s “Mesmerize Me,” winner of the 2000 Willow Springs Fiction Award.

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Mary Quade Holly Hobby Dolls
Gerry LaFemina Night Ending with the Sleep of Drunks and Penitents
Catherine Staples Waking
Candance Black Where Blood Collects
Gary Short Command
Alice Derry Deposition
David Dodd Lee Talking About Snow All Night
Jonathan Johnson Centripetal
Paulann Petersen In Her Palm, Perfection
David Roderick The Curlers at Dusk
Chris Dempsey Controlled Burn
James Grinwis Medusa Disrobes
Obsession of Many
David Citino Four Drown in Pool
Henry Carlile Andrew
Bruce Snider The Fat Sister Speaks
Michael Heffernan Blue
The Garden God’s Removal
Michael Cadnum Skins
Julianna Baggott Discussing Sorrow with Jesus
Mother as Judas
Tom Crawford Through a Dog’s Eyes
D. Nurske A Night in the Men’s Shelter
In the King’s Garden
Amy Newman In the Earliest of Morning
Philip Tobin The Rain Sonata
William Kloefkorn Instrumental
James Grabill Where Did You Say the Breaking Light Heals?

Poetry in Translation

Paul Celan Years from You to Me
  (trans. Shawn Sturgeon)
Sándor Csoóori The World’s Monuments
  (trans. Len Roberts)


Jonathan Penner This Is My Voice
Richard Spillman Rain Forest Crunch


Yesho Atil Shaving Grandmother
Rob Tanner Fashionable Upstarts and the Etiquette of Cool


Aimee LaBrie Clifford’s Blues

Willow Springs Poetry Award

Linda Malnack Dog Days, Autumn

Willow Springs Fiction Award

Chris Alan Miller Mesmerize Me