Willow Springs 47

January 2001

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Robert Gregory, Lou Bendrick, Tod Marshall, David Dodd Lee, and more.

Issue 46    —    Issue 48 

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Sheila Black First Light
Married Sex
David Dodd Lee People Who
Cindy Bosley One Evening with Friends
Story Problems
Jane Bailey Depression
James Gurley Madame Blanchard Takes to the Air
S. Ramnath Musings, After Her Departure
Robert Gregory The Thing
Below the Moon
A Fine Place
Miss Joy’s Gone South
Say the Could Boy
The Last One
Lee Upton The Mussels
John McKernan Brain
Jerry McGuire Li Po in Buffalo
Some Dancers
Sarah Grable The Creation of Adam
Miles Waggener Antonio Machado and the Trees
Jay Nebel Crows Over Wheatfields
Tom Wayman The Nap
A Smaller Table
Todd Balazic Disturbance at 4th and Brecker
Jon Fischer Consequences of a Realized Minor Premise
Letter on My Last Sheet of Paper
Danielle Hanson Cruel Son
He Beat Her
Susanne Kort Alice James Announces She Wants to Die
Chris Forhan Dumbwaiter to Heaven
Paisley Rekdal Carvaggio, my left breast and the time my mother took a wrong turn in search of a children’s halloween party
Diane Thiel Excavations
Peter Cooley Surprised by Joy
Louise Jenkins High Finance
Where Go the Boats
Ronald Lee Johnson Lara Croft, Lara Croft

Poetry in Translation

Marina Tsvetaeva In the Middle of the Room…
  (trans. Kristin Becker)


Lou Bendrick Saints
Robert Abel I Married a Monster, and We Had Kids


Naton Leslie The Cradle
Tod Marshall No Country for Old Men

AWP Into Award Winners

Lisa Lishman Wind
Jonathan Fink At Ten A.M., My Father Calls to Say a Student of His, a Young Wife, Has Been Killed at Night, Broad-Sided, Alone, on a Back Country Road
Bryan Penberthy Utah Before Stars
Rhys Alexander Vampire