Willow Springs 48

June 2001

Featuring poetry and prose by Tom Crawford, Melissa Kwasny, Mark Halliday, Page Hodgen, and more. The issue also includes Lisa Rhodes’ “Wrecked,” “Ugly Poem,” and “New Poem,” winner of the 2001 Vachel Lindsay Poetry Award, Michael Hollister’s “Holywood,” winner of the 2001 George Garrett Fiction Award.

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Juliana Baggott The Birds and the Bees: What to Tell the Children
Kurt Brown America 1968
James Grabill At the Ballpark of Exchanged Gnosis
Michael Strelow Licking Statues
Dara Wier Day After a Funeral
A Walk in Dubuque
Jim Heynen Maniacs and Idiots
Carol Jane Bangs Psalm V: Migration
Dennis Saleh Typefoundry
Robert Bense Material Commenting on Matter: An Operetta in One Act
Mark Halliday Surely
Denise Duhamel Thirteen Ways of Looking at Kenneth Koch
Lex Runciman Pink
Tom Crawford Higgins Bar & Grill
Companion to a Loon
Wu Wei
Paisley Rekdal Scientific American and St. Theresa: Ecstasy
Jeffrey Thomson Postscript
Jesse Lee Kercheval Florida, State of Imagination
George Looney Treatise on the Meliorative Function of Ruin
Melissa Kwasny Black Geese in the Honey-Stubble of Fields Near Spring
Letter on My Last Sheet of Paper


William Ryan Stunt
Michael Downs Man Kills Wife, Two Dogs
Nicole Louise Reid (Re)Collection
Page Hodgen Displacement


Tom Saya Meditations on a Mask

Vachel Lindsay Poetry Award

Lisa Rhodes Wrecked
Ugly Poem
New Poem

George Garrett Fiction Award

Michael Hollister Holywood