Willow Springs 49

January 2002

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Gerard Malanga, Kevin Prufer, Robert Gregory, William Ryan, Richard Morgan, and more.

Issue 48    —    Issue 50 

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Gerard Malanga Have a Look
Meshes of the Afternoon
Suddenly Remembering Brion Gysin
John Rybicki Mud Brother Lord
Thirty Years Ago
Mark W. Halperin Fasting on Yom Kippur in St. Petersburg
Susan Ludvigson The Tower
Kathleen McGookey Math
Broken Stove
David Lenson Terminus
Kevin Prufer The God of Clues
Who Are Our Barbarians?
Elisabeth Murawski Pretending in the Shower to Be Blind
Robert Gregory Someone’s Been Eating the Moon Again
Where the Skin Is
A Sleepy Town, One Black Marble
American Rain
R.M. Ryan Glenn Gould Plays the Variations

Poetry in Translation

Osip Mendelstam 126.
  (trans. Joan Aleshire) 341.
137. The Slate Ode


Deb Olin Unferth Single Percent
William Ryan Saved

Fiction in Translation

Doris Dörrie Am I Beautiful?
  (trans. Gustav A. Richar)


Richard Morgan Before the Rain Comes

AWP Into Award Winners

Adam McOmber The Purse
Lorraine Mejia-Green How the Star in the Middle of the Apple Saved Her Life
Claire Hero What is Left
Benjamin Kostival Habeas Corpus