Willow Springs 51

January 2003

Featuring poetry and prose by Robert Gregory, James Grabill, Wendell Mayo, Darren Defrain, DC Berry, and more.

Issue 50    —    Issue 52 

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Tom Crawford The Enthusiast
Robert Gregory The Winged Man
Glossary for Winter
Oliver Rice And Monkeys Bark
Gary Short Release
Elizabeth Rees Keeping Kosher
James Grabill Hieroglyphics from Wind and the Inside of Seeds
Marigolds Out Back
The Night Sky
Maureen Clark
Eric Torgerson Clearing Out Old Books
For Cinderella
Rob Carney Some Hearts Really Are Volcanos
More Than Ashes to Ashes, Not Just Dust to Dust
DC Berry Hamlet Off Stage: She Wheel
Hamlet Off Stage: The Snake’s Mona Lisa Smile
Elizabeth Murawski Before the Air Became the Journey
Victoria Anderson Heresy


Wendell Mayo Cold Fried Pike
Michael Hollister Dolph in School


Darren Defrain Evangelical Rubric

AWP Intro Award Winners

Erikka Mueller Polydora ligni at Low-tide
Karen Hausdoerffer Assumption
Mathias Svalina A Stark House Deal with Joel Cates
Rachel Stockert Therapee