Willow Springs 53

Spring 2004

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Jesse Lee Kercheval, Leslie Adrienne Miller, Thomas Gough, Paul Valéry, and more. This issue also features Robert Gregory’s chapbook, “When It’s Your Turn to Be the Sky, as well as an interview with Rick Bass.

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Robert Gregory When It’s Your Turn to Be the Sky


Jesse Lee Kercheval Manege de la Vilette
Thomas Reiter Hosanna Walk
John Pursley III Light Upon Water
Daniel Bourne Painstaking, the Scarecrows
David Lawrence Sketches
Scott Withiam Missing Hikers
Hans Ostrom Bread and Bus: An Essay
John Drury Double Elegy
Carolyn Guinzio White Box, Wax Paper
Dennis Saleh The Thumb
Leslie Adrienne Miller Weaning
The Turtle of Love
Dennis Hinrichsen Samurai Spring
The Sound-of-One-Hand-Clapping Shout

 Poetry in Translation

Paul Valéry View
  (trans. Louis E. Bourgeois)
Georges Godeau Buffet
  (trans. Kathleen McGookey)


Alex Mindt Sabor a Mí
Thomas Gough You See How Much I Know About Jazz
Christopher Torockio Powers of Expression

AWP Intro Award Winners

Catherine Pierce Evolution
Sarah Gage What We Look for and What We Find
Jeff Fallis The Philosophies of Popular Songs
Paulette Beete Mighty Tight Woman


A Conversation with Rick Bass