Willow Springs 55

Spring 2005

Featuring poetry and prose by Jesse Lee Kercheval, Robert Lopez, Michael Heffernan, Miguel Murphy, and more, and an interview with Lan Samantha Chang.

Issue 54    —    Issue 56 

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George Gott Koyoku #033
Miguel Murphy Chico the Child-Eater
Erica Keiko Iseri In the Permafrost Tunnel
Michael Heffernan The Twilight of the Dogs
Shane Seely For a Burial
J. Ely Shipley Man at a Bar
Michael Clark Techniques of Avalance Survival
Joseph Millar Throne
Mike Dockins Spring Equinox
Elegy for My God-Damned Free Time
Nick DeFord Hope
Louis Jenkins Canaries
John W. Horton Buffalo Nickels
Timothy P. Kelly Pange Lingua, Forty Hours, St. Angela Merici Boys Choir, 1963
Paul Agostino Islands of Repose
Laurie Lamon Pain Thinks of the Angel
Gerry LaFemina Elegy for my 34th Year
William Notter Worship
Iver Arnegard Blizzard on the Rez
Matthew Frank Collection
Stephanie Lenox Longest Sneezing Fit, Day 977
Jesse Lee Kercheval D.W. Griffith, December, 1911
from the last century
sit in the dark with me
Georgia Tiffany Meditation on a Ceiling Fan
Andrew Kozma Quarantine


Deb Olin Unferth Egg
Eva Marie Ginsburg The Kettle
Robert Lopez Bleeders
Maybe the Love of a One-Lunged Woman
Imad Rahman All Roads Lead to Flesh and Bone


A Conversation with Lan Samantha Chang