Willow Springs 56

Fall 2005

Featuring poetry and prose by Stacey Richter, David McGlynn, Jim Daniels, Danielle Hanson, and more. The issue also includes David McCombs’ “Rosetti in 1869,” winner of the 2005 Vachel Lindsay Poetry Award, Emily M. Danforth’s “Everything That Much Harder,” winner of the 2005 George Garrett Fiction Award and an interview with Gerald Stern and Lawrence Sutin.

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Aaron DeRosa Sparrow Ethics
Jim Daniels Brain Freeze
Michael Heffernan Cofee and Profiteroles at the Nth Cafe
Beth Cooley Nativity
George Looney The Burning Wheel Put Out by Its Own Turning
Miguel Murphy Monologue of the Last Fear
Danielle Hanson The bird eats a building
Michael Van Walleghen Hand
Lucky Dreams
Beth Gylys Evensong
Robert Gregory No Rain
Ryan G. Van Cleave Loot
Fred Yannantuono The Return of Madame La Hoya
Marco A Domínguez Quiet Swell
Joanna Osborne Jackson Pollock’s “Moby Dick” Digested Through Four Stomachs of a Cow
Ed Skoog Test Plate Displaying 12 Different Patterns, circa 1830, Eduard Honoré Manufactory
A.J. Rathbun The Heart’s France Is Not Always Equal
Samantha Mineo Myers After Giving Up Meat
D.S. Butterworth Ore
Dabid Lee ColdStarWind Sonata


Stacey Richter The Land of Pain
Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum The Drowning
George McCormik DC


David McGlynn Climb

Vachel Lindsay Poetry Award

David McCombs Rosetti in 1869

George Garret Fiction Award

Emily M. Danforth Everything That Much Harder

AWP Intro Award Winners

Michele Battiste Like a Sine Curve
John T. Medeiros from Self, Divided


A Conversation with Gerald Stern
A Conversation with Lawrence Sutin