Willow Springs 57

Spring 2006

Featuring poetry and prose by Mitch Roberson, Rebecca McGoldrick, Ronald F. Currie, Jr., Shannon Amidon, and more, and interviews with Robert Bly and Louis B. Jones.

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Mitch Roberson Deathbed
Michael McGriff That My Father Does Not Read
Rebecca McGoldrick No Room to Grow Up Anymore Here
Dave Nielsen Working a Turkey Pen
My Daughter’s Favorite Bedtime Story
Jack Martin Weldon Kees and the Piano
Ed Botts Grass on a Postcard
Shannon Amidon Why Sarah Left the Fold
Sarah Takes a Night Off
Mil Norman-Risch Turnip
Robyn Anspach Miriam speaks from her seven days in the desert alone
Jason Schossler Matinee
Janice Dvorak Hospice Nurse at the Pick ‘n Save
Zoë Ryder White A Length of Africa
Russell Thorburn Neda, After Falling Asleep While Bathing, Dreams of Her Wedding to a Jihadist
Katherine Soniat The Lamb
Jeffrey Schultz Sunset at the Meat Packing Plant with Shoes Strung Over an Electrical Wire
Dennis Held Forward!
Paul Guest History


Ronald F. Currie, Jr. One Play
Traci Brink Cumbay A Lost Man Can’t Sing Home
Drew Perry The Histories Right Now


A Conversation with Robert Bly
A Conversation with Louis B. Jones