Willow Springs 59

Spring 2007

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Tania Runyan, Melissa Kwasny, Dag T. Straumsvag, Sean Lovelace, and more, and interviews with Yusef Komunyakaa and Charles D’Ambrosio.

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Henrietta Goodman Reproduction
Tania Runyan Mary at the Nativity
  The Wedding at Cana
Russell Edson The Virtuoso
  The Man Who Would Think of the Universe
Alberto Rios The Sweet Salt Sea
  Lunar Eclipse, Arizona, 2004
Robert Bly The Rock in Your Shoe
  A Man’s Early Life
Karyna McGlynn The Men of Camp Mystic
Melissa Kwasny My Heart Like an Upside-Down Flame
Dean Young I Blame You
  Open Up
Louis Jenkins Law of the Jungle
  Versatile Classics
  If It Was a Snake
Mark Halliday Room 1491
  Confessions to Mary
D. Nurkse Cave Behind the Torrent
Christopher Buckley Replanting Succulents
  On Georgia O’Keefe’s From the Faraway, Nearby

Poetry in Translation

Dag T. Straumsvag Debts
  (trans. Robert Hedin) A Quiet Week


Sean Lovelace Andy Warhol and the Art of the Bullet
John Sullivan Coats


David Shields DS, from Reality Hunger: A Manifesto
Aaron Reynolds Realistic


A Conversation with Yusef Komunyakaa
A Conversation with Charles D’Ambrosio