Willow Springs 60

Fall 2007

Featuring poetry and prose by Dan Pinkerton, Thomas Lux, Aurelie Sheehan, Kim Chinquee, and more. The issue also includes Karsten Piper’s “Her Blue Robes,” winner of the 2007 Vachel Lindsay Poetry Award, Mia Heavener’s “Berry Picking,” winner of the 2007 George Garrett Fiction Award and an interview with Aimee Bender and Robert Wrigley.

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Dan Pinkerton Robot Crusades
  The Baby is Reading Nietzsche
  The Love Robot
  Passive Aggressive
Rebecca Dunham Catalyst
  Vesica Pieces
Denver Butson our names
  proposals to end the monotony
Karsten Piper A Window I Thought I’d Shut
Todd Boss Whales Leave Contrails
  My House is Small and Almost
  My Son Climbs In
Bethany Schultz Ambiguous Pronouns
Thomas Lux How Difficult
  Blue Vistas Glued
  Peacocks in Twilight
  The First Song
Mark Halliday What Won’t Happen in 2037
Charles Jensen Selections from “Safe”
Marvin Bell Messy
  Hard Times for Army Recruiters


Aurelie Sheehan Kitchen
Lydia Millet Love in Infant Monkeys
Kim Chinquee In Season
Cara Blue Adams XXQ

Vachel Lindsay Poetry Award

Karsten Piper Her Blue Robes

George Garret Fiction Award

Mia Heavener Berry Picking


A Conversation with Aimee Bender
A Conversation with Robert Wrigley