Willow Springs 61

Spring 2008

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Blake Butler, John Hodgen, Diana Joseph, Tomaž Šalamun, and more, and interviews with Marvin Bell and Stuart Dybek.

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Denver Butson [I dreamt I drove up]
[the waiters are all old and tired]
Passive Aggressive
Kathleen Flenniken Mosquito Truck
Jim Daniels Hey
Mega Everything
Arden Eli Hill Incidents on The Immaculate
Uncle’s House
Keetje Kuipers 4th of July
Oregon Spring
Lisa Pierce How I Learned Spanish
Ray Amorosi In Praise of Tomatoes
In Praise of My Nose
In Praise of You
Erica McIninch Backgammon with a Wolf at the Window
Paul Guest My Past
Beth Ann Fennelly Colorplate 14
Angela Sorby Six Degrees of Separation
Amy Schrader The Snow-Wrangler
Molly Fisk Double Solitaire
John Hodgen Upon Reading that Tatiana Yakovleva, Mayakovsky’s Lover Separated from Him by the Stalin Purges, Had Married and Was Four Months Pregnant when Mayakovsky Killed Himself
Upon Reading a Poem Entitled “Upon Seeing a Former Lover Pull Up Next to Me at the Intersection of Metaphysics Lane and Memorial Drive”
Richard Lehnert To the Next One Like Me
Kristen Gravitte Lazarus

Poetry in Translation

Tomaž Šalamun Field
  (trans. Joshua Beckman, +++
  Ana Jelnikar)


Derek White The Scarab and the Burning Bush
Blake Butler Exponential
Adrianne Harun Catch, Release


Diana Joseph The Devil I Know Is the Man Upstairs


A Conversation with Marvin Bell
A Conversation with Stuart Dybek