Willow Springs 62

Fall 2008

Featuring poetry and prose by Tony Hoagland, Melissa Kwasny, Lucas Southworth, Stacia Saint Owens, and more. The issue also includes Jared Walls’ “Wrong Map,” winner of the 2008 Vachel Lindsay Poetry Award, Michael J. Davis’ “Gravity,” winner of the 2008 George Garrett Fiction Award and an interview with Tess Gallagher and David Shields.

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Michael Homolka Better Hands
Tony Hoagland Western Movie Poem
Honest Love
Melissa Kwasny Tag-End
Almost Ice
Sara Johnson Hunting
Elizabeth Austen Her, at Two
For Lost Sainthood
What We Would Forget
Michele Glazer I didn’t think much about what it was
All the holes in the bird blind say
Thomas Lynch Libretto di Gianni Gibellini
Jeannine Hall Gailey Risking Our Lives
B.J. Best baltimore orioles
Jeffrey Skinner Dostoevsky
Nancy Kassell Ground
Christopher Buckley Wine
Dale Kushner From the Diaries of Marilyn Monroe: Arthur


Lucas Southworth The Safest Place You’ve Ever Been
Sarah Borden Wareck The Keeper


Stacia Saint Owens Temporary Classroom

Vachel Lindsay Poetry Award

Jared Walls Wrong Map

George Garrett Fiction Award

Michael J. Davis Gravity


A Conversation with Tess Gallagher
A Conversation with David Shields