Willow Springs 64

Fall 2009

Featuring poetry and prose by Stacia Saint Owen, Blake Butler, Ray Amorosi, John Hodgen, and more. The issue also includes Heather Brittain Bergstrom’s “Slackwater,” winner of the 2009 Willow Springs Fiction Prize, and an interview with Mark Childress and Dorianne Laux.

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Clay Matthews Homeowner’s Insurance
Job Talk
John Hodgen Witness
Todd Boss Still We Like to Imagine
Weren’t You a Kid Once, O’Brien
Ray Amorosi What the Sea Grass Told Me
In the Fog in Massachusetts
Stephanie Lenox Strategic Plan for Mortals
Susan J. Allspaw Crown of Bedrest
Denver Butson drowning ghazal [I am absent]
drowning ghazal [then to return]
Jeremy Voigt John Brown’s Hanging
Dean Young Anti-Ambition
Josiah Bancroft The Canyon Hotel
Weston Cutter Lucinda Williams vs. Weinerdogs


Blake Butler Hair Loop
Word Count


Kim Chinquee Labor
The Waves Were Low
Stacia Saint Owens Viv Thraves Goes Missing
Marko Constans Milk

Willow Springs Fiction Prize

Heather Brittain Bergstrom Slackwater


A Conversation with Mark Childress
A Conversation with Dorianne Laux