Willow Springs 65

Spring 2010

Featuring poetry and prose by Ray Amorosi, Melissa Kwasny, Matt Bell, Diana Joseph, and more, and interviews with Charles Baxter and Fady Joudah.

Issue 64    —    Issue 66 


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Ray Amorosi In Praise of Eagles
Brad Johnson High Above the Houses
Laura Kasischke Near-misses
Melissa Kwasny Pictograph: Bizarre Anthropomorph, Often with Interior Body Decorations
  Petroglyph: The Bird Site, Maze District
  My First Ermine
Gary Copeland Lilley Colonel Waddell on the Morning of November 10, 1898
  The Fire
  Fourth and Harnett Streets
  The Exodus
Jeff Mann Sunday Morning Biscuits
Tod Marshall Vocation
  Ferrets in the House
  Leaving the Big Hole
Matt Mauch Ode to James Wright
Robert Nazarene Davy
Christopher Roethle Snapshots: Kilimanjaro Album
David Wojahn Ending with a Quotation from Walden
Robert Wrigley They Are Bidden


Matt Bell The Receiving Tower
Thomas Cooper Hellion


Diana Joseph Bullets Going Through Objects in Slow Motion


A Conversation with Charles Baxter
A Conversation with Fady Joudah