Willow Springs 71

Spring 2013

Featuring poetry and prose by Alexandra Teague, Charlie Clark, Ann Pancake, Robert Lopez, and more, and interviews with Erin Belieu and Blake Butler.

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Jan Bottiglieri Icarus Decides
Charlie Clark Devil Collecting Roadkill
Devil’s Materials (Partial List)
Kathy Davis Freeze
Heather Hamilton For the Debutante Committee
Bob Hicok The job
Purity, erased
Amelia Martens Because I Am in the Junkyard
Margaret Monahan Night Prayer of a Woman Living Alone
Alexandra Teague Transcontinental
   I. Crazy Judah (1859)
   II. The Big Four (1862)
   III. The Workers (1866)
   IV. The Sierras (1867)
   V. Sherman’s Peace Council with the Indians (1867)
   VI. Ferguson’s Diary (1868)
   VII. Hell-on-Wheels (1868)
   VIII. Jack Morrow and Friends      (1868)
   XI. Roving Delia Fish Dance     (1869)
   X. The Golden Spike, Promontory, Utah (May 10, 1869)


Robert Lopez The Sexual Ramifications of Coffee
Susan McCarty Fellowship
Sam Wilson Pee Water Springs


Ann Pancake Our Own Kind


A Conversation with Erin Belieu
A Conversation with Blake Butler