Willow Springs 72

Fall 2013

Featuring poetry and prose by Kim Addonizio, Denver Butson, Nicole Cooley, Aurelie Sheehan, and more. This issue also includes “The Man with the Nightmare Gun,” by Robert Long Foreman, the winner of the 2013 Willow Springs Fiction Prize, and interviews with Steve Almond and Susan Orlean.

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Kim Addonizio Guitar Strings
Postmodern Romance: Internet Dating
Open Mic
Warren Bromley-Vogel A Prayer
Denver Butson accordions
per agreement
if the scarecrow weren’t a scarecrow
far enough away to be called elsewhere
Nicole Cooley H1N1 Doll
The Pregnant Doll
Bye-Lo Baby, Patent Applied for, Stamped in Black Ink on Her Chest
Two-Faced Doll, Germany, c. 1890
Frozen Charlottes Found in the Excavation of the Muni Metro
Sara Henning How We Love
Nora Hickey Shelves Laid Bare
Kate Lebo The Substance of Things Hoped For
Cate Marvin An Etiquette for Eyes
Mark Neely [more and more]
Keith Ratzlaff Autumn in New York
Ginny Wiehardt Migration
The Clan


Maxim Loskutoff Prey
Aurelie Sheehan T-shirt
Bratz Doll
Plastic Bits
Suntan Lotion

Willow Springs Fiction Prize

Robert Long Foreman The Man with the Nightmare Gun


A Conversation with Steve Almond
A Conversation with Susan Orlean