Willow Springs 73

Spring 2014

Featuring poetry and prose by Liz Kay, Gary Copeland Lilley, Joseph Millar, Stacey Richter, and more, and interviews with Major Jackson and Joyce Carol Oates.

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Monica Burchfield Jerilyn Keeps Busy
Ryan Hibbett Trumpet Vine Meditations
Tony Hoagland A Walk in the Park
W. Todd Kaneko Be More Like Sputnik Monroe
Long Live the King of Hearts
Liz Kay Gretel Introduces Herself
The Witch Heats the Oven
Correction—The Witch Has Vision
Legacy—The Witch Claims a Daughter
Gary Copeland Lilley A Proper Elegy for My Father
Tobacco Road
Marty McConnell the fidelity of seeking
the word of the day is “prophecy”
Joseph Millar 1972
Next to Godliness
Carrie Shipers How Long This Drought Will Last
Kenny Tanemura Lunch Poem


Karen Wunsch Candy Apple Red


Matthew Gavin Frank The Putting Down of the Mint Julep
Diana Joseph Who Will You Be When You Get There?
Stacey Richter Mrs. Siegel’s Rules for Jewish Women


A Conversation with Major Jackson
A Conversation with Joyce Carol Oates