Willow Springs 74

Fall 2014

Featuring poetry and prose by Jeffrey Bean, Alexandra Teague, Kim Addonizio, Jules Ohman, and more. The issue also includes Tom Howard’s “Bandana,” winner of the 2014 Willow Springs Fiction Prize, and an interview with Andre Dubus III.

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Jeffrey Bean The Voyeur’s Gratitude
  The Voyeur’s Prayers
  What the Voyeur Learned
  You Don’t Love the Voyeur
Eric Greenwell 2,4-D
Robert Gregory The Changeable Days
Anna Claire Hodge Optometry Technician in Training
John Hodgen Jesus Tree
Melissa Kwasny Texture of the Soul
Doris Lynch Harvesting Crows
Christine Robbins Poisoning rats in the back porch wall
Alexandra Teague The Tiger Speaks
  The Lady Speaks
Robert Wrigley Chickadee-Doo-Dah
  The Difficulty


Kim Addonizio Intuition

Willow Springs Fiction Prize

Tom Howard Bandana


Jules Ohman Model Girl


A Conversation with Andre Dubus III