Willow Springs 79

Winter 2017

Willow Springs 79 features prose and poetry from Aimée Baker, Jessie Van Eerden, Sonia Greenfield, Lilly Schneider, Maya Jewell Zeller, Karl Zuelke, an interview with Laura Kasischke, and more.

Issue 78 –  Issue 80


Marvin Bell The Book of the Dead Man (The Fountain Pen)
Abigail Carl-Klassen Theory of Relativity
Jeff Ewing Looking Up We See More More Than is There
Elizabeth Gold Manatees
Sonia Greenfield Bearing Witness
Lizzie Harris Elimination Dating Show
Sara Eliza Johnson Planktonic Foraminifera
Laura Kasischke Spies
Joseph Millar Dandelion
Donna O’Connell-Gilmore Large Man in a Magazine Photo
Bruce Snider Heaven and Earth
On Swallowing the Fourth Plague of Egypt
Georgia Tiffany Whispers
Winter Eucharist
Ross Wilcox The Smell They Smelled
Maya Jewell Zeller The Pleasure of Ruin


Kim Chinquee Hanging Upside Down
What is Mine
Lilly Schneider B.Y.O.B.
Karl Zuelke Fire Artist


Aimée Baker My Best Friend Falls in Love with Tupac Shakur
Jessie Van Eerden Sunday Morning Coming Down
Matthew Vollmer Gong Bang Cleanse


A Conversation with Laura Kasischke