Willow Springs 80

Summer 2017

Featuring poetry and prose by Erin Belieu, Kate Lebo, Mark Neely, Laura Read, Carolyn Williams-Noren, an interview with Paisley Rekdal, and more.

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Elizabeth Austen Anniversary
My Fool, My Death
Erin Belieu When I Am a Teenage Boy
 Jackson Holbert Childhood Poem
David Kirby Not Easy to Believe
Kate Lebo A Prayer to Cathy McMorris Rodgers for the Preservation of My Health Insurance
Kate Maclam Almost Everyone
Alicia Jo Rabins To the Fish Inside Me
Laura Read Girlie Girl
Neither Bride Nor Daughter
Proof for My Side
Self-Portrait as Fresco
Self-Portrait with Seaweed and Mica
The Spell We Cast
Paisley Rekdal The Gather
Katharine Whitcomb Scene of the Crime
Joe Wilkins Lost Boys of the Upper Great Plains


Sequoia Nagamatsu Speak, Fetch, Say I Love You


Carolyn Williams-Noren Comfort on the Death of an Ancient Oak


A Conversation with Paul Harding
A Conversation with Paisley Rekdal