Willow Springs 81

Spring 2018

Willow Springs 81 features prose and poetry from Robert Long Foreman, Emily Kendal Frey, Canese Jarboe, Sean Lovelace, Susan Moore, Allison Seay, interviews with Dan Chaon and Gary Copeland Lilley, and more.

Issue 80   — Issue 82


Emily Kendal Frey Nature
Canese Jarboe Rapunzel w/ Head Half-Shaved
Susan Moore Bats
I am climbing into bed with a stiff drink
I wanted to lie down with you where the rooftops
Mark Parlette-Cariño Here at the Party
F. Daniel Rzicznek from Leafmold
Allison Seay Mother of Anxiety
Mother of Memory
Allen Stein The Bad Guys
Adam Tavel An Assyrian Eunuch in the Service of Ashurnasirpal II
Alexandra Teague The Giant Artichoke
Self Portrait as Curious Lunatic’s Sketch of a Dancing Girl
Amie Whittemore Rain Meditation


Robert Long Foreman The Vinyl Canal
 J. Stillwell Powers Saturday Night Special

Letters to Jim Harrison

Sean Lovelace #3


A Conversation with Dan Chaon
A Conversation with Gary Copeland Lilley